Do you know how fast is your website?

Test and Monitor your website load speed and reliability with Prixmon

Prixmon will help you to test your website performance and prepare a better service for your customers and predicts your next service failure powered by AI.

How could PRIXMON help your business?

Client Satisfaction

In these days, time has a new meaning with highspeed internet connections. The Internet is a great competitive growth opportunity for online businesses. It looks like two sides of a sword. We expect fast access to website contents. People usually don’t wait long to find the required resources. Even few milliseconds can push our clients to other competitors. Imagine how a reliable and fast website could help the business.
Remember, your competitor is only ONE mouse-click away. Client satisfaction is worthless. Client loyalty is priceless. Our goal is to have client service that is not only the best, but legendary.

Reduce running costs

Do you know how much you spend on your online service? Is it economic or not? Do you know how much your platform expenses are: infrastructure and servers? Or do you even know when you need more resources? Be aware of overestimating costs & investment. Right now, with Prixmon, we can calculate the precise amount of money for your infrastructure. We pride ourselves in not overestimating and not underestimating the budget required.

Helps SEO Masters

As we know, one of the important factors of search engine optimization, is the site load test. Imagine how much google or other search engines spend on each millisecond for power, communication, air conditioning or technical people.
This is the moment we understand value of milliseconds. Prixmon can definitely help you service your website and get you priority with search engines. If you respect google and decrease Google’s expenses, google will respect you and will give you a much better position in search results.

Scientific and professional background

Scientific and professional background

We are a team of professional people covering a wide range of ICT technological aspects. We have invested hundreds and thousands of euros in infrastructure, including reliable and fast servers and internet connections. We also have the power behind us of professional academic degrees, extensive and practical knowledge, and experience. We have prepared our business system to align with various international standards & national guidelines, such as: ISO 23026, ISO/ISC 14764, ISO 2306, ISO 14764, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 19011, so we can serve you rapidly and accurately.

Which factors are being used by PRIXMON to assess your website?

Domain Name Translation Time

Request Send Time

Network Connection Time

Web Application Response Time

Server Side Errors

Bandwidth and Traffic

Errors and Broken Links

Page Requests Counts

Cross Domain Requests

Content Compression

Wrong Compression

Scripts and CSS

White/Dead Space

Average Response Time

Text/Images/Scripts Ratio

Uptime Ratio

PRIXMON infrastructure


Prixmon monitors your infrastructure with 34 servers from 12 worldwide locations


We currently have 1400Ghz Processing power, 4TB of memory and 50TB of storage that runs our infrastructure.

Programming Languages

We have fielded multiple questions about the programming languages used in Prixmon. The Prixmon engine has been written in Go-lang and UI, and the logic part is made using C# and .Net framework.


To use and access data efficiently, Prixmon uses MS-SQL server clusters for relational data and calculations and we also use Cassandra to keep snapshots, archives and non-relational data.

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